My Treasury How Saving Became Cool Again

How Saving Became Cool Again

Investing is traders in $5 000 suits making wild bets on adamantium futures. Saving is two-for-one baked beans with the heating turned down.

Saving means cutting back on the things you want. It’s austerity. It means being responsibly boring. Investing is The Wolf of Wall Street and bankers in suspenders shouting ‘greed is good and yachts in the Cote d’Azur.

That’s the conventional wisdom … and we want to change it. Sure, saving can mean cutting back on unnecessary luxuries, especially when the economy is rocky. But that’s just good common sense.

Living a savings savvy lifestyle really means organising your finances in a way that maximises your wealth. It means getting the best possible returns without compromising your lifestyle. Saving means making your money work for you.

And to do that you need information.

My Treasury aims to make saving easy, transparent, and even fun.

No more lazy money

Banks love to advertise their service, technologies and features.

These are all relevant considerations when selecting a banking product. It’s your money, and you should be able to choose the level of convenience you prefer and take advantage of perks you really enjoy.

There’s another element that we talk about less often, and it’s perhaps the most important factor when considering banking in terms of growing and preserving wealth: what returns are you getting on your money?

For a number of reasons, it has not been easy to find bank rate data, nevermind to compare different rates across multiple banks and products. Trying to find the best rate for your specific profile and savings preferences was even more complex and time-consuming.

My Treasury was created to make it quick and easy to find the best rate for your cash. That’s cool because it’s the first, essential step towards structuring your money for maximum effect and taking control of your wealth.

Savings means using your cash to live your best financial life. Now there’s no reason to leave your money sitting idly, when you can put it to work and maximise your wealth. There’s a wiser way to save.