A new way to magnify your wealth

My Treasury is excited to list a new product that allows savers to secure a high return on their investment.

The My Treasury Savings Optimiser is based on a simple but profound idea: the best product is the one that most precisely matches your savings requirements.

It’s now easy to find the relevant account offering the highest interest rate simply by telling the Optimiser what you want from a savings account.

The fun part is you don’t need to know what you’re looking for before you find it. You may never have heard of a money market account or a call account or a fixed deposit. It doesn’t matter. Just tell the Optimiser basic information such as how much you have to save and how quickly you want access to your money and My Treasury will do the rest.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than showing South Africans how to get better returns from their bank account and demonstrating how many diverse and interesting savings options there really are.

That’s why we’re excited to add something a little different to hundreds of bank accounts analysed by the Optimiser.

From September 2017, the five year Fedgroup Secured Investment will feature on the My Treasury results page.

The investment enables savers to fix a high return for five years with no fees.

The rate current rate (as of August 2017) is fixed at 9% (that’s an effective rate of 11.31% if interest in reinvested over the five year term).

What makes the investment different? Unlike an ordinary bank account, the Fedgroup Secured Investment is an investment in participation bonds, which are backed by real estate assets.

Participation bonds are low risk savings products that aim to outperform money market accounts, securing investors high returns without charges.

The Secured Investment is also flexible: interest can be reinvested or withdrawn each month.

Enter your details to secure a high return with FedGroup’s Secured Investment or to learn more about this product. A consultant will contact you.

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