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Switch your car insurance and save every month

The petrol price is on the rise. School fees keep going up. Medical costs are rocketing. Food is more and more expensive. Yet salaries are hardly moving. Many South Africans are left wondering how they are going to be able to make ends meet in the months ahead.

More and more people are looking for clever ways to save. We have found one: switch your car insurance provider. Become an active consumer and stop being ripped off. If you have been with the same car insurance company for the past 4 years, your car insurance premiums have increased by a whopping 40%, according to Wesbank. That means if you were paying R1,200 a month for car insurance in 2013, that has gone up to around R1,680 now. That’s far above inflation and certainly bigger than your salary increases. This situation is even more unfair when you consider that the value of the car that you have been insuring has actually gone down over the period.



“Become an active consumer and switch to a car insurance company that will offer you a better deal”




Don’t be a sucker and just accept these annual increases – switch to a car insurance company that will offer you a better deal. We have found one insurance company that will do just that: King Price. King Price car insurance premiums actually get cheaper every month. That means that the price of your car insurance policy automatically adjusts to reflect the real value of your car.

King Price are already one of South Africa’s leading budget car insurance companies. As the only insurance company in the country whose premiums actually get cheaper every month, they’re shaking up the car insurance industry.

Stop paying too much for car insurance and start getting real value from your car insurance company. Get a Free quote now. There’s no obligation whatsoever, just a chance to save on your car insurance premium every month.

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